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Last year I had a baby. While he may not be the best for my writing productivity, he is great for inspiration.

I’m lucky that I have the cutest kid in the world. Never mind that he’s a superhuman who doesn’t sleep or that he tries to free solo baby gates. Parenting is an adventure that I (mostly) love.

Every week I meet with my writing group. By the way, if you’re a writer, I highly recommend finding a weekly writing group. It’s a great way to anchor your week and motivate your writing.

On Monday afternoons, just hours before the group meets, I find myself sitting at the computer or pulling up a Google Doc on my phone and thinking, “Quick, I have to write something!”

Lately, I’ve been writing about my latest adventures with a baby or revelations about parenthood.

I’m trying to share my writing more often, which involves working through some fear of judgment and rejection. I’ve toyed with the idea of posting things on Medium for a while. Medium is a platform where anyone can post about any topic. It’s kind of like YouTube for writing. 

I finally took the leap and shared some of my parenting pieces.

I wish this blog post could be titled, “How I Made $100,000 on Medium,” but alas, I can’t make that claim (yet). So far, I’ve made less than a dollar…But I’m still really proud that I jumped in. I’ll keep writing and sharing. Hopefully one day I can post my roadmap to great success on Medium. Until then, I’ll enjoy the rollercoaster ride of parenthood.

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